Various & Sundry #11 – early September 2015

Articles, Classes and Information

The Fons & Porter TV show comes and goes on my local PBS station and it is currently available. I watched an episode the other night and the Memory Star block caught my attention. I was excited to share this project with you, because of the way they used the Flying Geese to make chevrons. They have this project on the website and the picture is so terrible that you can’t see the fabric or the design. Very disappointing. It makes me think they are terrified that people will steal the project without buying the pattern. The project is called Fluttering By and it is from the 2100 series. The block is available in EQ.

Mary Fons will be writing for the Quilts Inc website. Check out her first column.

Bonnie Hunter is teaching an online scrap quilt class via Craft University. The class runs Oct 12th 2015 – Nov 23rd 2015. She has a discount code on her website. The timing makes me think she will have her regular quilt-a-long starting the following week as usual.

TQS posted a link to the last 16 years of Pantone Color Choices of the Year. It is really interesting to see them all together. It looks, after an impressionistic glance, that they choose a warm one year followed by a cool color the next year. How do you think a quilt would look using all of these colors?

I am not a fan of this year’s color, Marsala. Looking at all of the colors, I also think Chili Pepper is not one of my favorites. I guess I like the more scarlet-y reds.

Today’s Quilter has an interview with Liza Prior Lucy. She works as a designer with Kaffe Fassett. I am in love with the quilt hanging in front of the armoire and draped on the red wing chair. LOVE it!!!

A friend sent me an article about a quilt shop in Minnesota. It reminds me of the BAMQG in its activities. The article also mentions the Slow Stitching Movement. Thanks to Craig!

I saw a post on Instagram and the image interested me enough to go and look at the blog post. It was a blog post about how the rants of professional quiltmakers can affect their business as well as some paragraphs on the conservatism of quiltmakers. It was an interesting piece to think about and reminded me to be kind. It was in the vein of Abby Glassenberg’s article about Alex Veronelli.

Websites, Blogs, Patterns & Tutorials

Chris C has a couple of posts on her blog about a Craftsy class called Beyond Basic Machine Quilting by Ann Petersen. I believe a couple of the podcasters talked about this class as well. I liked the way Chris talked about what she learned over the course of a few posts.

Square Up Ruler
Square Up Ruler

We had a little discussion about squaring up HSTs that started when Valerie mentioned her way (trim before opening or pressing requiring only 2 cuts), which turned out to be new to a lot of us. A big discussion ensued, which led us to a tutorial on this method using Eleanor Burns’ Quilt in a Day Square Up Ruler. The rulers come in 6.5″, 9.5″ and 12/5″. I have had this ruler for awhile I could never understand how to use it. Since I am planning to make a bunch of HSTs from the Ta Dots FQ pack I received a few years ago as a gift, I am planning on trying it out now that I understand how it works.

If you used Threadbias, you have already heard that they shut down on August 30. They could not get the traction they needed and went the way of Tomspoolery and SeamedUp. I was a member and added projects and had followers, but just couldn’t keep up with the blog and that site as well. They are keeping their Quiltcanvas software going.

If you would like to download the Modern Quilt Guild Quilt of the Month August pattern, Altitudnal Ecosystem, you can do so at the site.

The Crafty Magpie has some instructions for creating a thread holder that has space for the matching bobbin as well. This is a great thread holder – the best I have seen, except I would put a clear door over the front to keep the dust out, but allow me to see the colors.

The GenQ Stashed newsletter is out. In addition to have a $400 dollar off offer on a Bernina 550QE sewing machine, they also have an explanation of the new modern category for PIQF. Look for the lunchbag pattern and some information on various exhibits. I gave up my subscription to Quilt Now and may have to see about a GenQ subscription.

Pam, of Hip to be a Square podcast fame, and her friend, Lynn, have a new venture called The Stitch. They have their first episode up as well as a few blog posts. This is a commercial venture so go and take a look to support all the contributions Pam has made to the quiltmaking community.

Barbara posted a cool bookshelf quilt on Facebook.  I hope the link works. If not, search for Barbara in the Before & After folder. I shared with the Twilter FB group.

Books, Patterns, Magazines & Projects

The Auribuzz blog had a round up of bags and accessories a couple of weeks ago. There are ten great bags, totes and wallet-like accessories. Many of them use the fabric they chose very well. The Sawyer bag from Sew Sweetness caught my attention. It turns out it is a free project from Sara Lawson. Very Berry Kerry also has a sewing portfolio project, which seems to be a complete free project on the Liberty of London site. Christmas is coming and it would make a good present for a very dear sewing friend. Very dear.

Little Green Bean put a great saying (meme??) up on Instagram. I think it is good advice. It was re-grammed all over the place.

Today’s Quilter is a new magazine by the folks who put out Love of Patchwork and Quilting. They will be revisiting traditional quiltmaking. I don’t know what that means, but you can be in their 1st issue if you take the time to tell them which notion you can’t live without and why. Email You can also get a subscription: 3 issues for £5. I don’t know for sure that that price includes US customers.

Another new magazine is Simply Moderne (yes, with an E). Alex Veronelli pointed it out to me and wrote ” ‘Simply Moderne,’ the new magazine by @quiltmaniaeditions [shows] a Great Wave of pure energy and modern style, tracking the latest tendencies [sic] in the quilting world and celebrating creative fresh new ideas by young designers from all over the world! In this first issue great projects and a portrait of @victoriafindlatwolfe and insights about #quiltcon. Find out much more on their website.

Fabric, Tools, Shops, Supplies & Embellishments

QuiltHome, an online quilt shop with an excellent selection of modern fabrics, also has a product called ‘Surprise Endings‘. These are curated bolt ends from your favorite designers. When I looked at their current selection, I saw Denyse Schmidt, Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry, Heather Bailey and many others. Take a look and see what you need to fill in your fabric collection.

Fabric Collection by The Ornament Girl
Fabric Collection by The Ornament Girl

I cannot help but like this image, which was posted by Robin of the Ornament Girl on Facebook.

I found an article about how fabric is cut in shops, which highlights the difference between fabric cuts in the UK and fabric cuts in the US. This is a really handy guide.

There is a new website and catalog for buying fabric called Craft of Quilting. It was recommended to me by FreckleMama (Chris).

Exhibits & Events

On Sunday, September 20, 2015, 2-4pm, the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles presents Fiber Sunday in Pacific Grove! Join fellow fiber enthusiasts to see and learn more about recent acquisitions including quilts by Michael James, Jane Sassaman, fiber art by Flo Oy Wong and more. Shown by Curator of Collections Nancy Bavor. Location: Back Porch Fabrics at 157 Grand Avenue, Pacific Grove. Please RSVP to Debbie Aguirre at 408-971-0323 or

Quilting in the Garden is at the end of this month on September 26 and 27, 2015 at Alden Lane Nursery, 981 Alden Lane – Livermore, CA 94550 – (925) 447-0280. This year’s featured artist is Freddy Moran and guest artist is Sally Collins. 

The Pacific International Quilt Festival is coming October 15-18, 2015. Have you gotten your badge yet? I ordered mine and got a ‘nice’ letter saying they wouldn’t mail it to me this year, that I would have to visit the registration desk. If you have ever seen the registration desk line, you will know why I am annoyed. I hope they have a separate line for those who pre-registered.

New Quilts of Northern California is a juried exhibit (purported to be an annual favorite) at PIQF. NCQC says you can view the work of Northern California’s most well-known and upcoming quilt makers. This amazing exhibition of recent works is presented by the Northern California Quilt Council and curated by NCQC Board members. I entered my Russian Rubix quilt into this exhibit and it was accepted. I guess I had better finish sewing on the sleeve.

Judy B. Dales’ solo show “Ahead of the Curve” is currently on exhibit at the Shelburne Museum through October 31. There is an article about getting an exhibit in a museum on the SDA Vermont blog. The article talks about Dales’ struggle with the “quick and easy” dilemma, one with which I struggle as well. I was glad to see I was not the only one. I need to absolutely remember this quote “The first, and the most important, is to do the work. Get into your studio and make the work, and keep making it. There will be good pieces, horrible pieces, unfinished pieces, and a few brilliant ones. There will be good days and bad. There will be anxiety, worry and frustration, mixed with a little jubilation and pride. You just have to keep making art if you want to make something of yourself as an artist. You have to do the work. There are no shortcuts.” It is so true, so well said and excellent advice to remember if you don’t remember anything else about this article. Thanks to Ms. Lottie for the tweeted info.

Creativity in other Realms

I, too, have succumbed to the coloring bug. Remember the V& S June post where I mentioned it? I am actually waiting for the YM to leave for college so I can ‘borrow’ his massive set of felt pens. Yes, I have my own but he has more colors! There was an article in Quilt Market’s eInsider. Aside from Johanna Basford, the creator of the Enchanted Forest and the Secret Garden coloring books, the article talks about other options, especially those from Tula Pink and Jamie Fingal. As you know both are quiltmakers. I am planning to ask for Basford’s Lost Ocean as a gift when it is available.

Doing Good

From ResearchBuzz: The Vatican Museums have launched a new app to crowdfund restoration projects. “The Vatican Museums have released a crowdfunding app called Patrum, with the intention of raising money for a series of upcoming restoration projects that include the restitching of an 18th-century French tapestry and the conservation of 13th- and 14th-century Chinese calligraphy scrolls.” I do wonder why the Vatican needs money…


Hampered by Healing
Hampered by Healing

In addition to the general daily drama, I have also been dealing with a flare up of a long standing injury. This is preventing me from doing much hand sewing and no coloring at all (see above) as the brace impairs my fine motor skills.