FOTY 2014: Over the Hump

Sometimes a little whining goes a long way. I got down to business after my last FOTY 2014 post and am now sewing the piece together. Yes, the piece is arranged to my satisfaction and I am on to the sewing part.

My driving force: I need all the pieces to be on the design wall. At the moment the very top and very bottom row are hanging off. I also want the whole thing off the design wall and in the hands of Colleen. I need to move on to other projects. I need the design wall for other projects.

Is the piece perfect?


Will I ever make a perfect piece in this series?

Probably not.

Will I keep trying?


FOTY 2014: Final Layout
FOTY 2014: Final Layout

Before I started sewing, this photo shows the piece as it was laid out in the configuration in which I decided to piece it.

I worked on the layout for hours yesterday and then after I started making dinner, I deliberately did not look at it.

When I got back to my workroom the following day, I decided to look at it and rearrange the patches.

These quilts will never have a perfect gradation. The nature of the fabric, the color combinations in the fabrics and the motifs as well as contrast make perfect gradation difficult. Still, I have done a good job with the parameters of my challenge and I am pretty happy with the layout.

Some process photos. You have to look carefully to see the differences because they are subtle, but that is part of the process: