Creative Prompt #330: Wave

light wave

Definition: “In physics, a wave is an oscillation accompanied by a transfer of energy that travels through space or mass. Frequency refers to the addition of time. Wave motion transfers energy from one point to another, which may or may not displace particles of the medium[disambiguation needed]—that is, with little or no associated mass transport. Waves consist, instead, of oscillations or vibrations (of a physical quantity), around almost fixed locations.

There are two main types of waves. Mechanical waves propagate through a medium, and the substance of this medium is deformed. The deformation reverses itself owing to restoring forces resulting from its deformation. For example, sound waves propagate via air molecules colliding with their neighbors. When air molecules collide, they also bounce away from each other (a restoring force). This keeps the molecules from continuing to travel in the direction of the wave.

The second main type of wave, electromagnetic waves, do not require a medium. Instead, they consist of periodic oscillations of electrical and magnetic fields generated by charged particles, and can therefore travel through a vacuum. These types of waves vary in wavelength, and include radio waves, microwaves, infrared radiation, visible light, ultraviolet radiation, X-rays, and gamma rays.

Waves are described by a wave equation which sets out how the disturbance proceeds over time. The mathematical form of this equation varies depending on the type of wave. Further, the behavior of particles in quantum mechanics are described by waves. In addition, gravitational waves also travel through space, which are a result of a vibration or movement in gravitational fields.

A wave can be transverse or longitudinal. Transverse waves occur when a disturbance creates oscillations that are perpendicular to the propagation of energy transfer. Longitudinal waves occur when the oscillations are parallel to the direction of energy propagation. While mechanical waves can be both transverse and longitudinal, all electromagnetic waves are transverse in free space.”(Wikipedia)

sound wave

Apache Wave is a software framework for real-time collaborative editing online. Google originally developed it as Google Wave.

Wave is a free mobile app which enables you to locate your contacts in a PRIVATE and REAL-TIME map for a limited period of time.

The Z-Wave Alliance is a global consortium of 300+ companies creating products and services powered by Z-Wave.

Wave Books is an independent poetry press based in Seattle, Washington, dedicated to publishing the best in contemporary poetry, poetry in translation,

Google Wave

The Wave is Leatherman’s most popular model, with outside-accessible blades, bit driver, scissors, and wire cutters, all in a 100% stainless steel body.

Wave Cable TV and Internet

Wholesome Wave strives to create a vibrant, just and sustainable food system.

Touchjet Pond projector and Touchjet WAVE turns any surface, TV and monitor into virtual touchscreen giant tablet and smart TV.

1981 TV Short

Showcases the Wave series of spreading petunias. Available varieties, cultural tips, photos of implementations, and retailer finder.

94.7 The Wave

Doing the Wave

Wave Hill is a famous public garden in the northwest Bronx along the Hudson River, with flower gardens, alpine house, greenhouses, and cultural center.

Wave Motion journal – Wave Motion is devoted to the cross fertilization of ideas, and to stimulating interaction between workers in various research area

gesture of hello or good-bye

rogue wave

Single-use WAVE rocking bioreactors are suitable for both suspension and anchorage-dependent cells in applications including MAb production and virus, etc

Water Assessment by Volunteer Evaluators

D-Wave, a Canadian quantum computing firm

WAVE Fellows at Caltech

The Wave Glider SV3 is the world’s first hybrid wave and solar propelled unmanned ocean robot.

Rogue Wave Software

The WAVE Foundation: Women Against Violence Everywhere, is a nonprofit organization based in Seattle, Washington.

The Hobie Wave is an easy- to-sail, easy-to-rig speedster that will have you smiling.

The Wave is a photogenic rocky area in the Paria Canyon Coyote Buttes Wilderness area of southern Utah and northern Arizona.

The Wave Energy Prize is a public prize challenge sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)’s Water Power Program.

The Global Wave Conference is an international gathering to advance the recognition of the value of waves and their protection around the world.

Wave Farm

Speed Wave

Third Wave Fund

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