Carpenter’s Wheel #2 and #2.5

Carpenter's Wheel #2
Carpenter’s Wheel #2

I worked last Saturday on Carpenter’s Wheel blocks and some other stuff, which you heard about over the weekend. I am really having fun playing with the Carpenter’s Wheel blocks. So much fun was making me feel guilty about the other projects. In the course of resolving that problem, I made good progress on my variations on Deb Tucker’s Carpenter’s Wheel blocks as I mentioned a week or so ago.

#2 is made the way Deb Tucker showed on the Fons & Porter episode. Note that this one has the extra half square triangles along the outside of the block next to the Flying Geese. This definitely gives the piece a different look

Carpenter's Wheel #3 - in process
Carpenter’s Wheel #3 – in process

I was able to finish #2 and cut everything for #3, but not get get much sewing done on it. I thought of the #3 variation as I added some HSTs to #2. This variation has HSTs as part of the ‘wheel on the inner row of patches. I hope that the HSTs in the corners will make the piece look more round.

In do this variation I thought of another variation, which I will also try.

I also opened my second pack of Modern Backgrounds – Paper by Zen Chic, which I bought in Corvallis. I don’t love all the prints in this pack, but most of them will work for me. The ones that don’t work are ending up in donation blocks, which I also worked on in between the Improv quilt and this project.