Christmas Pillowcase Tally #3

This third tally runs hard on the heels of my last Christmas Pillowcase update. I won’t keep you guessing, if you didn’t read that post. I finished the task I set out for myself. I am finished with the Christmas pillowcases.

Here is the grand total of what I have finished:

  • SIL#1: 4 kids, 2 spouses/SOs
    • 3rd oldest nephew + SO (Dear Santa theme – DONE for both)
    • Oldest niece + Fiance (flannel – DONE for fiance, lights with white background theme – DONE)
    • Nephew (Christmas in So Cal theme – DONE)
    • Youngest niece (black Gingerbread and Toy Shop theme – DONE)
  • SIL#2: 3 kids, 1 spouse, 2 great niece-phews
    • Oldest nephew + spouse + 2 kids (old fashioned Christmas with green cuffs for nephew and niece-in-law: DONE, 2 kids (Olaf for boy, Anna/Elsa for girl): DONE)
    • 2d oldest nephew (present theme – DONE)
    • middle of the pack nephew (blue lights theme – DONE)
  • BIL #1: 1 kid
    • 3rd youngest nephew (DONE)
  • Young Man (Christmas in So Cal theme – DONE)
  • SIL#3: 2 kids
    • Middle niece (DONE) –Gingerbread house theme
    • middle of the pack nephew – 4th youngest ( Nutcracker theme – DONE)
  • BIL #2: 2 kids
    • 2d youngest nephew (DONE)
    • Youngest nephew (DONE)


Again, I AM DONE except for the mailing.