Various & Sundry #13 – Mid October

Websites & Blogs

One of the reasons I am interested in journals, thus all the journal covers you see, is because I write in my journal almost every day. I draw pictures and ideas. I doodle. I use my journal as a way to work out problems and relieve stress. Thus, I am the recipient of links and information about others who journal. Maureen sent me a link to a blog, Judy’s Journal, and as I scrolled through it I saw this quote “We are in a new time when fabrics are suddenly relieved of all science, of all utility,
of all function other than aesthetic. ” It turns out that this is an older quote; she did not write it. I was struck by how apt it is for today. It made me think about the quilts I make. Many of them I make because I feel a compulsion to make something and then they hang on the wall or over my banister for weeks, months, years. They have the possibility of utility, but are not being used at the moment. What does it mean to us to buy and have fabric just because it is pretty?

I mentioned the CQFA meeting the other week. Someone brought some copyright guidelines from The Blue Bottle that are written in a decision tree format. I am always skeptical of advice given by people who are not lawyers, but this set of guidelines is basic and looks well thought out. She does have the appropriate disclaimer. Scroll down to find a version for Crafters and Hobbyists.

Johanna Basford, the coloring queen, has a new YouTube channel. Go look and get some tips for coloring.

Sarah Ann Smith reviewed the Schoolhouse Tunic. I bought this at the Fabric Depot in Portland and my dressmaker whipped one up for me.

My report on PIQF report was included in the Fair Vendor paperli newsletter.

Patterns & Tutorials

Here is a new pattern for a tote bag. It is billed as a Hallowe’en treat bag, but if you made it with different fabrics, it would just be a tote bag.

I was surfing Pinterest while I listened to my book and found some really cute apron patterns on the Seasoned Homemaker blog. My favorite is the Halter Chic Apron pattern. I love the plunging neckline. 😉 I didn’t go and look at the site right then, but when I finally did, the author also had a recipe for gluten free pumpkin spice muffins with maple cream cheese frosting. I am not a huge fan of pumpkin spice, but the frosting! YUM! She has other posts about finding time to sew, crockpot recipes and a list of online tutorials and online learn to sew sites.

Kati posted a link to a tutorial for ornaments. They are really cool.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe posted on Instagram about a free hashtag pattern on the Marcus Bros site. It was a little bit of pain to find, but I finally did. You are welcome. 😉 It is called Revved Up Retro by Sarah Maxwell.

The holidays are coming and I found a really long list of small gifts. Lots of gift ideas were also posted on the BAMQG blog, but not all the entries have tutorials associated with them. I know the blog editor is going back and adding tutorials etc as she finds them.

In just a few days, Modern Quilt Studio will publish Fat Quarter Love, a pamphlet of patterns that use fat quarter cuts. These patterns allow you to “use solids, large-scale prints, your favorite basics and even hipster novelty prints. The projects range from crib-sized quilts that can be made in an afternoon to more ambitious queen-sized bed quilts.” Fat Quarter Love will retail for $10. Look for it at your local quilt shop. If you can’t find it locally, they’ll be selling it beginning October 23 on They ship free to US addresses. There is more information on Craft Nectar.

Remember Ms. Russian Rubix, April Rosenthal? I used her pattern (sort of) to make my Russian Rubix quilt? I saw recently on Instagram that she has another fantastic pattern called Parcheesi. I love it! One of the things I like is the way she added some Flying Geese to the sashing to add interest. Easy and very effective! We’ll see if I make it. Wouldn’t it look fantastic in scraps? I will definitely keep that Flying Geese design trick in mind. How big are those squares anyway? 1.5″? It is an older pattern (2-3 years old), but I must have missed it. She describes the pattern in a blog post and you can buy the pattern in her shop. (No affiliation)

I found the Astrodelic quilt pattern on the Fabric Depot Website. Looks like a cool block.

Exhibits and Events

Twitter pal, Kitty, shared a Textile artist site. I really like it.

A group is getting quilts together that depict diseases or feelings about health issues and related ideas. If you have such a quilt, get in touch.

My friend Natalie pointed out this piece of art by Jasmine Uy to me (isn’t the web wonderful??). Which side is true for you?

Books, Magazines and Projects

I saw a Fons & Porter show a few weeks ago with Deb Tucker. It was from the 2600 series and the project was called County Fair.  I like her products, so when I saw a Quilt Show episode with her, I sat down and watched it. You may have to be a member to watch. I like her style, because she is positive and confident. She also has a lot of basic knowledge that will help you be a better quiltmaker. I have the Flying Geese ruler (using it for the Flying Geese Exchange) and I am tempted to buy the Squared2 ruler to make that Carpenter’s Wheel version from the Fons & Porter show. It is a block I think I could sink my teeth into. I am able to make it with FGs instead of the diamond square unit, but you know how I love rulers.

Jenny Doan has a pamphlet out on Pre-cuts, the Quilter’s Precut Companion.

Janome and Michael Miller have a 100 blocks project where you can win a new sewing machine.

Mrs. K told me about the Sew Powerful Purse Project, which is in association with Liberty Jane. The video shows how to make the purse as well as shows the look and feel of the inside. This project supports African girls in academic achievement.

Reva sent along a link to a book, BiblioCraft, about getting inspiration from libraries. I am kind of shocked I didn’t hear about this sooner. You can read the review or just buy the book. From the review: “BiblioCraft is not just a “how to” project book, but oh-so-much more, because it teaches you how to use the library to glean inspiration so that you can conceive ideas for your own projects.” I haven’t seen this book in person, but I love the idea. I always want more than projects and good photos when I buy a book.

Fabric, Tools, Shops, Supplies & Embellishments

ByAnnies Stiletto Pressing Tool
ByAnnies Stiletto Pressing Tool

ByAnnies has a new tool called the Stiletto and Pressing Tool. It is a wooden tool with a stiletto on one end and a flat pressing side on the other. This seems to me to be useful for finger pressing. The information says that it has a sanded tip so that the tip of the stiletto won’t slip off your project. That could be useful. Cost is $19.95 plus shipping etc. It looks similar (from web photos) to the tool by Alex Anderson. Alex’s is called the 4-in-1 Essential Sewing Tool and includes seam ripper, stiletto, presser, and a turner.

Alex Andersons 4-in-1Essential Sewing Tool
Alex Andersons 4-in-1 Essential Sewing Tool

I bought one of these, but couldn’t find it to compare when I saw the ByAnnie’s tool and don’t remember using it much. I know I have used it as a stiletto on the odd occasion, but my mom gave me a nice gold stiletto for Christmas or my birthday and that has been the tool I keep near my sewing machine.

I think the ByAnnie’s product looks less fussy than Alex Anderson’s tool, but it also do as much. If you have both, let me know what you think.

I saw this Indiegogo campaign for a Quilter’s Planner on Instagram.


If you need color inspiration, you need to take a look at Sweetapolita’s site. She makes cakes. Beautiful cakes that are full of color. I first saw a gorgeous photo of baking chalk (who knew?) on Instagram. Her site is so pretty.