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Kiera's Toy Shops & Gingerbread Houses
Kiera’s Toy Shops & Gingerbread Houses

I only really had Sunday to sew. I am still not focusing well and I decided to work on pillowcases for awhile in the morning. Well, the morning turned into an almost all day marathon of pillowcase making to get the Christmas project done once and for all.

As I have said the hardest part is picking the cuff fabrics. I think I need to do that when I buy future pillowcase fabric. We all know that is not going to happen since I don’t plan that far ahead. A girl can dream, though.

About midday I had all the bodies and cuffs cut and pinned. One thing I learned is that I need to cut my initial pieces (you know the ones I cut out of each piece of new yardage) up the side of the fabric, especially the half yards, because if I cut across the bottom, the half yards won’t be long enough to make a cuff. That cuts down my cuff options. Live and learn.

Phil's presents
Phil’s presents

I methodically sewed and this time I used an applique foot so I wouldn’t have to guess on the initial seams. Still, sewing the final seams was less ideal, because of that foot. I used a wider seam allowance. I am sure it will be fine, but it makes me want to invent a pillowcase foot.

Some of the fabrics had purple in them so I chose purple/lavender cuffs. It is an odd choice, but I think it works.

I made two of the gift pillowcases (2d photo in this post) as I had a lot of the gift fabric and figured I might as well, since I didn’t want to keep the fabric for anything. I am not sure where I got it and why I got so much of it, but I have enough to make some gift bags, too.

White Lights Pillowcase
White Lights Pillowcase

One of the pillowcases I made is really one of my favorites. I like that print. I actually have it with blue and red backgrounds as well.

This one is for my oldest niece. I didn’t have enough to make two with the same fabric, which I would have done if I had enough fabric. I already made one for my niece’s fiance’ and I can make more later.

I have two more pillowcases prepared, but I don’t know if I will get them done until next weekend. I’d like to, but we will see.