Creative Prompt #333: Crown

Crown Point Press

Definition: “A crown is the traditional symbolic form of headgear worn by a monarch or by a deity, for whom the crown traditionally represents power, legitimacy, victory, triumph, honor, and glory, as well as immortality, righteousness, and resurrection. In art, the crown may be shown being offered to those on Earth by angels. Apart from the traditional form, crowns also may be in the form of a wreath and be made of flowers, oak leaves or thorns and be worn by others, representing what the coronation part aims to symbolize with the specific crown. In religious art, a crown of stars is used similarly to a halo. Crowns worn by rulers often contain jewels.” (Wikipedia)

Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey

Crown Battery

The Slime Crown is used to summon King Slime, a Boss-type enemy in Terraira.

dental crown

Crown Castle is the nation’s largest provider of wireless infrastructure.

dental crown

Triple Crown

Violet Crown Cinema is a locally owned and operated cinema with four screens devoted to art, independent, documentary and international films.

Crown Princess is one of the largest Princess cruise ships

Crown College, University of California, Santa Cruz

Crown Plaza Hotel

Crown Equipment Corporation is a global manufacturer of material handling lift trucks and technology


  • Crown (comics), a fictional character in the Marvel Universe, and an enemy of Spider-Man
  • The Crown (TV series), an upcoming television drama series created by Peter Morgan for Netflix


  • Crown (Australian coin), the Australian version of the British Crown
  • Crown (British coin), a heavy silver coin, parallel in size and weight to the United States silver dollar
  • Crown (currency), a monetary unit used in the countries of Czech Republic, Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden and the territories of Faroe Islands and Greenland
  • Crown (English coin), originally known as the “crown of the double rose”, an English gold coin introduced as part of King Henry VIII’s monetary reform of 1526 with the value of five shillings; later a silver coin of the same value
  • Estonian kroon, the official currency of Estonia for two periods in history: 1928–1940 and 1992–2011
  • Hungarian korona, the replacement currency of the Austro-Hungarian Krone/korona amongst the boundaries of the newly created post-World War I Hungary
  • Koruna (disambiguation)
  • Krona (disambiguation)
  • Krone (disambiguation)


Motor vehicles

Music and audio



Symbols of monarchy or rank

  • Crown (headgear), often an emblem of the monarchy, a monarch’s government, or items endorsed by it
  • An alternate means to refer to a monarch
  • The Crown, the legal embodiment of Executive Government in Commonwealth countries
  • Crown, a military decoration in the ancient Roman Republic, including:
    • Grass crown, awarded for saving a city in battle
    • Civic crown, awarded for saving a citizen in battle
    • Camp crown, awarded for being the first to penetrate the enemy’s camp
    • Mural crown, awarded for being the first to scale the walls of an enemy city
    • Naval crown, awarded for being the first to board an enemy ship

Other uses

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