Paris One Hour Baskets – Gift Post #2

Paris One Hour Baskets
Paris One Hour Baskets

My sister left a comment on the post back in August after I made and wrote about the blue batik One Hour Basket. She wanted one. She offered to send fabric, but there is no fabric shortage here. Her comment gave me an idea for a Christmas gift.

During my travels back from taking the Y.M. to college I bought a couple of yards of Paris fabric with this project in mind. I sat down and made the baskets over Labor Day weekend while I recovered from food poisoning and DH was at the Native Sons. I really hadn’t been doing much sewing, so it killed me not to be able to post these right away, but I know my sister visits my blog, so I had to resist.

I used a slightly larger seam allowance for the interiors just to see if the interiors wouldn’t be so baggy. This worked and the interiors were slightly less baggy than my previous attempts, which was nice.

Paris One Hour Baskets detail
Paris One Hour Baskets detail

I also used different colored threads in the top and the bobbin to match the fabrics when I top stitched the top of the basket. I was pretty proud of myself for that!

These turned out well. I sent them off and with any luck, Lil Sissy had them in her hot little hands for Christmas.

I refuse to make promises about next year or commit to making 12 of anything right at the moment. If I were in that kind of mood, I would consider this project for those types of gifts.

I have some strips leftover from this project and was wondering what to do with them. It turns out Lil Sissy also wants a Sew Together Bag. I suppose that would be a good use of the strips.

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