Tuffet #2 Finished

Tuffet #2 Finished
Tuffet #2 Finished

I went to class on Monday with Robin and finished my Tuffet. As I said the other day, I worked on making the cover at home by myself. I couldn’t do the other parts so off to the finishing class I went.

I had forgotten to do the drawstring, so I took my machine and did that part in class. It was fine and I helped another student who was on that step in class as well.

Tuffet #2 bottom
Tuffet #2 bottom

Robin had carpet tacks, or, probably, furniture tacks, this time and many of the people in the class used them to put down the bottom cover of the Tuffet. I did mine the same way I did the last one, which was to hand sew down the grey over the drawn up cover.

We also had a problem with my feet. I wanted the same feet as Tuffet #1. I put 3 feet on and found that the fourth was not the same style. Someone out there has a Tuffet with my last foot. I switched out the feet for a different kind. The new feet are the same color as those on Tuffet #1. No big deal.

The class was pretty full with 4 other people there, two of whom were making 2 Tuffets each! Two of the women making 2 Tuffets and one other woman were all making Tuffets for their children. I am not making one for the YM until he gets his own apartment and then we will see. He will have to ask VERY nicely.

As usual, as soon as I saw the other Tuffets, I wanted those instead of my own. Everyone else said how bright and cheerful mine was.

I love the Kaffe Tuffet. LOVE it! Click on the photo and make it bigger so you can see how fantastic it is. I love the colors – they are bright and cheerful. I also love the juxtaposition of the fabric pattern motifs.

One thing that was different in this class is one student used one fabric per foundation (Katrina’s Tuffet, bottom right), which is a great way to showcase the fabric and makes the Tuffet-making go a lot faster.

Robin is still awesome and if you have a chance to take her class, you MUST! I had a great time chatting with her. I want to help her spread the Tuffet love throughout the world.

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  1. ILOVE your tuffet best! I have no need of one, but would love to make one for Kristen…they are just so marvelous… I wish I were close enough to get to her class…

    1. Class time was about 6 hours, but we had to sew the panels for the tuffet cover together on our own at home. I did it in between other stuff, but I think you could do that in a couple of hours if you concentrated on sewing the panels. Plus another half hour or so to make the covered button. I would say total it took me about 12 hours from start to finish.

    1. The fabrics are from Denyse Schmidt. I really enjoyed the class and think that is the best way to make the tuffet. There may be a class on Craftsy, if you don’t find an in person class near you.

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