Progress on the Food Quilt #3

I have had very little time to work on the Food Quilt in the last weeks. I made some progress, as I reported mid month. I have made a little progress.

Food Quilt, top border
Food Quilt, top border

The other week I spent time putting 3 sides of the border on. I sewed the piano key border together while work on the donation blocks.

I was concerned that the black and white fabric I chose for the small internal border would interfere with the other blacks and whites, but I think it looks fine. Yes, that border touches the original blacks and whites, but since I didn’t use it in the original blocks, there isn’t much of a design problem.

Food Quilt Border fabric detail
Food Quilt Border fabric detail

The border fabric makes my eyes cross a little bit and looks out of focus in the photos. It has the distinct good quality of showing the seams where I sewed strips together to make them long enough to reach across the whole quilt. I didn’t have to sew the strips on the diagonal to hide the join.

So, yes, progress.

Author: Jaye

Quiltmaker who enjoys writing and frozen chocolate covered bananas.

4 thoughts on “Progress on the Food Quilt #3”

  1. I like the way it all looks, and it doesn’t bother me that the border is touching the other b&w-s since they are not the same pattern(ed) fabric.

    1. My thoughts exactly, thus I proceeded! Thanks for the confirmation that the look was ok. Sometimes we look so much at our own work that we can’t see it anymore.

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