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On a whim, I pre-ordered some Chroma FQs from Hawthorne Threads. I wanted to use some of the pieces for the Triple Star and I had some time to cut at the end of June.

They were expected at the end of June, which was perfect timing. Sadly, the fabric didn’t arrive until nearly the end of July.

Poor Hawthorne Threads. They were beside themselves and incredibly apologetic. Good thing I had plenty to do.

Some of the colors are great, but I don’t like that mustard yellow or the super icky green. I am an icky green girl, but that is a little too icky for me. the blues are the nicest followed by some of the pinks and lavenders. I already started cutting and the fabric is batik-esque and VERY thin.

Aurifil 28 wt.
Aurifil 28 wt.

I also started machine quilting with the 28 weight Aurifil thread. I liked it and decided to use it for the art quilt. I bought a few spools in colors I needed from Red Rock Threads*. What a great place! I ordered the thread in the evening one day and two days later it was on my dining room table. I didn’t even pay for expedited shipping. Their site isn’t super fancy, but it works well, is easy to understand and they ship fast. I can’t ask for more than that.










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  1. I just wrote about buying Alison Glass fabrics today too. Yummy! I pick them up without even knowing they are hers all the time, so there is something very appealing about them to me. And I love the green and yellow 😉

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