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Cosmic Wonder Dust Scarf
Cosmic Wonder Dust Scarf

This is the new project. The yarn is called Cosmic Wonder Dust. I think it looks like a party. I really love the colors in this yarn.

I really wanted this yarn. They didn’t have the weight that uses n.6 needles. These particular skeins use n.9 needles and it feels really thick. Still, it knits very quickly. I started this project last night and already have a lot completed.

Cosmic Wonder Dust initial work
Cosmic Wonder Dust initial work

Before this morning, I had just a few rows of the scarf done. Three conference calls and I have a lot more done.

Also, my process must be progressing, because I only ripped the cast-on off once. I was happy with my progress after the second cast-on.

This might be the last scarf I need for Christmas gifts for the YM’s friends. We’ll see. He has roommate who wasn’t there, but found the house and I may make one for her just so she doesn’t feel left out. I think I will have the time.

I want to make one for the YM as well, but I have to find some yarn that is even softer than the merino wool.

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