Phoenix Inspiration

Aside from what was at the Heard Museum, I found a lot of other details in the Phoenix area to be inspiring as well.

Phoenix floor
Phoenix floor

I saw a floor -probably in the airport or in a, gasp, horror, restroom- that I thought would make a fabulous modern style quilt.

I like the different sized squares and rectangles that comprise the columns. I wonder how many people use inspiration from tile to make their quilt designs?

I can see it with various solids in big and small pieces. I can also see it all in white with ‘grout’ between the white in very thin strips.

Airports are also full of inspiration, if they aren’t being remodeled yet again… I loved the Drawn to Pattern exhibit. The art pieces reminded me of the circle quilt I made with Gerre.

Sky Harbor Bridge floor
Sky Harbor Bridge floor

There were mosaic-type floors as well. This circular example was on the floor of the bridge to the light rail from Sky Harbor airport.

If you follow @parisfloors on Instagram you will recognize the format of the photo. while clogs are not excellent for hot weather they are very convenient for going through security in airports and also comfy for an unknown amount of walking.

Light rail art - Phoenix
Light rail art – Phoenix

I hadn’t been to Phoenix for many years, probably since my aunt died in 2006 and it looked really different to me. Of course, I stayed primarily near the convention center, which, I am sure, is built to give a good impression to tourists. There was some nice art and I enjoyed the light rail as well.

This piece of art I saw while riding the light rail would make a great quilt, too. I see some similarities to a piece of fabric that looked like New York Beauty or an extended New York Beauty quilt.

Phoenix Convention Center mosaic
Phoenix Convention Center mosaic

The convention center hosted a piece called The Earth Dreaming by Isaiah Zagar, 2008. It was a mosaic of the style I’d really like to use as back splashes in my bathroom.

There are more photos, so I will probably write another post on the topic. In the meantime, enjoy.


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