Gifts from Friends

The BAMQG Winter Extravaganza-palooza was the weekend of the 9th. I had a great time.

Casserole Carrier by Sue S
Casserole Carrier by Sue S

I also got the most amazing gift. Sue S made me a casserole carrier. In the carrier was a casserole dish with a wine cake in it! This is the most amazingly generous gift I could ever imagine. I was shocked (in a good way) and thrilled. It was just what I wanted.

The spoons act as handles and servers. My DH thought this was hilarious, but I am determined to use it sometime soon and show him how fabulous it is.

Casserole Carrier (open) by Sue S
Casserole Carrier (open) by Sue S

The carrier opens up and becomes a hotpad. It is perfect.

I also love the red casserole dish. The colors of the carrier and the dish go well in my kitchen.

The best part of the gift was the card that Sue wrote. She said that I was the first person she met in the guild and that I took her around the first time she came to the meeting. I showed her where everything was: the food, the charity project, the free table and introduced her around. I am ashamed to say that I don’t even remember. I do that so often so automatically. I am thrilled that she remembered that kindness. She is a good member of the guild and I am glad I started her off on the right foot.

Wine Country pillowcase
Wine Country pillowcase

As a bonus fire victims in the Wine Country also win, because we wrapped all the gifts in pillowcases, which will be donated to an organization that will distribute them to Wine Country fire victims.

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2 thoughts on “Gifts from Friends”

  1. What a wonderful gift!! It is beautiful and so functional!!

    I gave several of my coworkers the same gift this year (the Penzeys Teacher Box), but the cards were the differentiation. I was able to take time to write special things in them.

    So reading your appreciation of the card as well made me smile.

    1. I love the casserole carrier, but the card alone would have been gift enough. That is why I try and write something special in each holiday card – just to let people know I am thinking about THEM!

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