On to Hats

Dubai Hat
Dubai Hat

The YM came home complaining of cold wearing a thoroughly disreputable hat. I have knit hats before, so while we were lunching with Mom before Christmas we stopped at a knitting shop and he picked out some yarn.

The yarn is not my ideal. It shreds and is very slidey. Still, now that I can easily discern when to knit and when to purl, I am on my way.

SIL gave me the first step in her hat pattern. I am getting to the point where I am going to need the next step. I will also need to be reminded how to decrease.

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  1. You usually knit two stitches together to decrease. I feel the tide pulling me back to knitting. I have socks on the needles, but I also need a hat in an unusual color. It’s been about *ahem* 40 years since my last, but I guess I can manage one.

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