Project Organization

Project boxes
Project boxes

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I had bought some project boxes. I have few boxes and baskets that I used for various things, mostly gathering fabrics together for various reasons that I often quickly forget. I hadn’t really used project boxes before. After I brought the boxes home, I actually did put projects in them almost immediately.

While this is a teetering stack, it actually works a lot better than the stack of fabrics I was using before. First, all the stuff for a project is all together. I can even put smaller trays of cut pieces inside the larger boxes. Second, they are much easier to move. I pick up one or two, put them aside and then the step stool is usable again. Finally, I don’t have to hunt around for materials. All the materials are in one place (3 might be the same as 1, but they are different in my mind).

After I got the larger boxes organized, I cleaned out the smaller boxes and re-purposed them to organizing projects as well. The small box with the handle has all of my Crafty Gemini Organizer Club supplies in it except for that fusible foam stuff, which doesn’t fit. It would fit in one of the larger bins, but all I had was the smaller one. Needs must.

Two bins have fabrics and such for the Stepping Stones n.2. That is a lot of organizer bin real estate devoted to one project, but scrappy projects will do that to you. I hope to finish that project soon (though I haven’t worked on it recently, so not sure how it will happen.

All in all, I am pretty pleased with this solution. I need to sew more to get through projects, but that is a completely different issue.

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2 thoughts on “Project Organization”

  1. Looks good to me! Might even push me to straighten up a bit…my studio that is. lol I love keeping projects together in bins or those large zippered bags. I can grab the one I want to work on and know I have all the parts I need!
    How do you balance work and house and hobby and blog? You’re amazing.

    1. I forgot that I have a few zippered bags as well. Those are mostly for keeping fabric I want to use together together. I should show those sometime.

      I just appear to balance. Something always needs doing and there is no space for emergencies: a car needing services screws the delicate balance. One tip: hire help. I don’t get to do as much of any of my things as I would like.

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