Ends Donation Quilt n.2 Finally

Ends Donation Quilt n.2
Ends Donation Quilt n.2

I saw Tim at the meeting and he had finally finished quilting the Ends Donation Quilt n.2. I wrote about this quilt top last in November. I thought the quilt was done a long time ago and Tim said I had taken several photos, but I can’t remember and can’t find any posts about it after the November post.

Tim did a great job and looks really good. While we are finding another place who will take quilts made by the group, we are saving these for the San Jose mayor’s gun buyback program. Those people who bring guns will also get a quilt.

Ends n.1 quilt

Ends n.3 quilt

Ends n.4 quilt

Ends n.5 quilt

Author: JayeL

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