Design Wall Monday

Design Wall, July 23 2018
Design Wall, July 23 2018

My design wall looks crazily turquoise and red this week. I didn’t realize how much I am in a turquoise and red mood lately. The Stepping Stones n.2 is part of that as well.

Despite the color theme, not much is happening on the design wall. For the moment it is acting as storage.

Design Wall July 2018 annotated
Design Wall July 2018 annotated
  1. The Lobster. I still have to finish the stitching
  2. New FOTY 2018 squares
  3. Aqua-Red Sampler blocks, most not all
  4. Half of a new donation block

I moved the Aqua-Red Sampler off the larger design wall. My goal is to put the Who Am I? piece up there an finish it. Yes, the Sampler needs to wait awhile longer. Poor baby getting supplanted again.

I’m linking up with Small Quilts and Doll Quilts, the relatively new hosting site of Design Wall Monday.

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