All Rolled Up Tote – Pouches

All Rolled Up Tote - pouches (front)
All Rolled Up Tote – pouches (front)

Part of the All Rolled Up Tote pattern includes some pouches that can be clipped on to the D-rings I inserted when installing the pockets.  I worked on those over the weekend and was able to finish them up. I am not 100% happy with the zipper ends, but done is better than perfect.

They turned out larger than I thought they would. Yes, the finished dimensions were readily available, but somehow I had it in my mind that they were about 3/4s the size.

All Rolled Up Tote - pouches (back)
All Rolled Up Tote – pouches (back)

I am pleased with how they turned out. The fabrics are cheerful and they fit well into the Tote itself. I also think the pattern would be useful for gifts to others. Even without the Tote, they could be clipped to other bags.

The clips are the one thing I did differently than the pattern suggests. I put the lobster clips on the pouches rather than in the All Rolled Up Tote. I wanted to minimize interference with items I put in the Tote and thought the D-ring in the Tote would be less obtrusive. I also thought that I might want to fill these with something that I would want to transfer to other bags, so the lobster clip would allow me to clip the pouch on to other bags without needing that other bag to have a lobster clip. I’ll have to start adding D-Rings to my other bags!

I just have a bit more to complete before the All Rolled Up Tote itself is complete.

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2 thoughts on “All Rolled Up Tote – Pouches”

  1. These are super cute. I wouldn’t have thought of big print for small spaces, but it works extra great, I will need to remember that. What did you use for the clear fabric?
    Good call on the lobster clips, your plan will be way more functional.

    1. The clear ‘fabric’ is a clear vinyl. I forget what gauge. CraftyGemini explains what gauge is best in the videos for her projects. I got it at a local hardware/variety store that has a good sized craft section. Other stores have it as well and you can buy it in the CraftyGemini shop. Vanessa explains all about it in the videos. She might talk about it in the introductory video to the 2018 Organizer Club.

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