Improv Block Donation Top

Remember I said I went over to Tim’s the other to meet with a group from BAM and traded donation quilts with him?

Fun & Cheerful Donation Quilt Back
Fun & Cheerful Donation Quilt Back

I made a back for the fun and cheerful quilt I took from him. I started with pink fabrics, but then realized I should use orange. The quilt top has other colors, but came across as mostly orange to me, so orange it was.

The color will be great for a boy, but not the flowers unless the boy is open minded and doesn’t mind a few flowers.

Fun & Cheerful Donation Top with border
Fun & Cheerful Donation Top with border

I also added a small border to the top. Somehow it didn’t look finished to me, so I added a border. A slightly larger quilt is always better IMO.

The blocks remind me of the Tina Michalik class BAM had at Always Quilting a few years ago. It is a fun quilt and the texture of the piecing is really nice. I think the border frames it. I do wonder if I just made it un-modern by adding the border. C’est la vie.


The Friday color and creativity posts will return soon!

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