Maureen’s Bag

Maureen is stepping down from her role as Supreme Leader of CQFA. I decided that we needed to give her a gift, so I organized the bag gift that I do at BAM.

Maureen's Jane Market Tote
Maureen’s Jane Market Tote

I got started on it kind of late, so the bag I made is a simple Jane Market Tote. I thought I had some African Fabric, which Maureen would have liked, but I have been cleaning out my fabric bins and that must have gone to a better home in a recent purge.

The project didn’t go super smoothly. I had to rip out the whole thing once I had sewn the outside and lining together and done the topstitching. Sigh. Somehow the linking was way too large and was sagging on the inside. I couldn’t live with it, so I ripped it all out. I had to trim the lining and then sew it all back together. It wasn’t terrible, but not ideal either. I think I must have turned the lining the wrong way when I boxed the corners. Hopefully, I will remember to check next time!

The members will bring notes and gifts with which to fill the bag.

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4 thoughts on “Maureen’s Bag”

    1. She looked really excited, but I haven’t heard. It was a PITA to rip out, but I decided I couldn’t live with the lining’s flabbiness. I should have checked before I did the top stitching. I am glad I had the time to fix it.

  1. HI Jaye! I love the bag and thank you for your time and trouble. It’s perfect for toting my library books back and forth to the Sunnyvale library. Thanks for the bag, the thoughts, the organizing—it means the world.—Maureen

    1. I am so glad it is a useful bag. I have one in different fabrics I use to haul things to the post office. I’m so glad you like it and it was my pleasure to organize.

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