Maureen’s Pincushion

Maureen's pincushion
Maureen’s pincushion

In order to add a gift to Maureen’s bag, I made her a pincushion. Unlike the bag, the pincushion went together very smoothly. I had some of the pieces and parts from my last round of pincushion making on the cutting table. They weren’t crappy, just unused.

I picked out some other scraps from the unsorted pile on my cutting table and came up with a great selection. I am pleased with how it looks and don’t think it looks thrown together or disjointed at all.

Maureen's pincushion-with clips
Maureen’s pincushion-with clips

I saved time by not using selvages for the back. I just used a piece of the batik. As usual, I filled it with a combination of wool roving and Beanie Baby pellets.

I hope she likes it.

Author: JayeL

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2 thoughts on “Maureen’s Pincushion”

  1. I LOVE IT! I just started properly using it yesterday because it was too pretty to disturb and use as a functional item. I’ve over that now and want to use it all the time. Thanks so much, Jaye!

    1. I am glad it is in use! It is a good design, perhaps for moving around the sewing room and ensuring one always has both clips and pins handy. Now I have to think up a design that will contain my Sew Tites as well.

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