Every Last Bit

Leftover Soft & Stable
Leftover Soft & Stable

Some time ago, I bought a big bag of Soft & Stable from MassDrop. Recently I checked the bag where I keep it and found only small bits and pieces left. I needed some for the Chubby Charmers I talked about Saturday and Sunday. I thought about zigzagging the pieces together, but wasn’t committed.

Saturday, however, I decided to do a little. It was an oddly satisfying project. I zigzagged smaller pieces together. Not shreds (I’m not as crazy as I seem sometimes), but pieces that would fit together and make a good sized piece. Now I have two pieces I can use for the Chubby Charmers.

Leftover Soft & Stable 2
Leftover Soft & Stable 2

This is the last of a 3 yard x58″ wide piece and I want more. I bought a smaller package a week or so ago and it was just enough for one of the Chubby Charmers. I like having plenty on hand, though and that package was just too small. The 3 yard x58″ wide Soft & Stable ‘drop’ is not available on MassDrop right now. You can request it using the special link.

Now I have to get back to real work and quilt those Chubby Charmers.

Author: JayeL

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2 thoughts on “Every Last Bit”

  1. This is a good idea. I also have scraps of S and S. It’s good to see this can be done successfully,

    1. I do all the time, usually just to get a piece large enough for a much smaller bag. This time, as maybe you understood, I had a bunch of small pieces that were bugging me. I didn’t expect to have a piece large enough for the Chubby Charmer, but I did! Do it, then you won’t have those bits laying around.

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