Red Improv Donation Top Progresses

Red Improv Donation Top, mid-May
Red Improv Donation Top, mid-May

I spent a happy afternoon on Sunday working on the Flying Geese Exchange quilt and the Red Improv Donation Top. The latter has exploded in size from the small piece it was when I last wrote about it to about 30 inches now.

I am thrilled to say that I am seeing the bottom of the red scrap drawer, too!

I used this project as leaders and enders for the Flying Geese Exchange. I wanted to concentrate on that one, but can’t work on it without leaders and enders.

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2 thoughts on “Red Improv Donation Top Progresses”

    1. Thanks. They seem to be what I have the most of except for a lot of solid red strips I can’t remember cutting or using. I am liking this one more than the purple version. Also, I am finally making my way through a lot of red scraps.

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