White Strip Donation Quilt

White Strip Donation top progress
White Strip Donation top progress

After writing about the improv donation quilt yesterday, I decided I had better update you on the strip version.

I am making progress. It is hard to tell because of the white blocks on the white design wall. I have cut a few pieces of sashing and am slowly cutting more. I used making the pouch as an excuse to cut sashing. This makes no sense of course, but somehow it worked. I supposed I was alternating tasks.

I am using a couple of different dot fabrics as the sashing. I tried some lavender and grey and neither looked quite right. I still haven’t decided what to use for cornerstones. Something that fits with the other fabrics, but is distinctive.

Author: JayeL

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    1. The ‘pattern’ is really no different than the others I have made, but this one has a very different feel. I don’t know if it is because of the white design wall or something else. This piece feels different than the others. The lack of color is an interesting way to look at it and since I saw your comment, it is sticking in my mind.

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