More Running with Scissors

I am working on another Running with Scissors Tote and am heading towards finishing. It is another gift, so I can’t show the whole thing right now.

Running with Scissor Tote -Mesh Tape Trick
Running with Scissor Tote -Mesh Tape Trick

I did want to show my tape trick, though. The directions say to mark where to sew – to divide the mesh pocket in half. It is difficult to mark mesh, so I had a brainwave and used blue tape.

I did not sew through it, but sewed next it, where I would have marked a line on regular quilting fabric.

I am kind of proud of myself for this little idea. I hope you can use it, too.

Author: JayeL

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4 thoughts on “More Running with Scissors”

  1. We must be living in a parallel life thing again. I think your tape idea is great!

    I have also discovered several uses for the blue tape in my studio just this past week. Currently it is marking a line for sewing something straight. lol

  2. That is basically what I am doing! I have used it for hand quilting, but never in this way. it just came to me one day when I was looking at the mesh and wondering how to mark it. Sewing through it, though, can be a difficult problem!

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