International Women’s Day Mega Pinnie

Gerre's Mega Pinnie Gift
Gerre’s Mega Pinnie Gift

A couple of weekends ago, I realized it was a friend’s birthday today, so I needed to get busy and make a gift. I had decided to make another Mega Pinnie. I already had the fabrics and the pattern picked out. It was really just a matter of cutting and sewing.

She doesn’t celebrate her birthday anymore; she celebrates International Women’s Day.

Gerre's Mega Pinnie Gift - other side
Gerre’s Mega Pinnie Gift – other side

These are really fun to make. I really enjoyed making this one. It came together really easily (not too much unsewing). I chose some of the fabrics to go with the Dia de las Muertos fabric. I wanted to have an edgy urban look.

Gerre's Mega Pinnie Gift - detail
Gerre’s Mega Pinnie Gift – detail

I also did some things a little different. I quilted part of the main panels with decorative stitch. I thought about stitching the decorative stitch all the way down the panel, which I used to attach the pockets. I decided not to use the decorative stitch all the way down, so I switched to a straight stitch on the pockets.

I am pleased with the way this one came out. I might make another one for one of the raffle baskets.

Author: JayeL

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