All of the Mega Pinnies

I have gifts on the mind. Time is short for some winter holidays so gifts that have not been started have to be quick. I don’t like to give handmade gifts that are only quick. I like to give things that people will use.

Here are the Mega Pinnies I have made.

I have an idea to make another one. Maybe for the Door prizes for next year?



    • A Note to Follow Sew example – has some nice applique’ with hexies.
    • Blue Patch Quilter Mega Pinnie ideas
    • Flying Blind on a Rocket example – I like how the bottom doesn’t bulge. I need to work on that.
    • Quilting RDH example
    • Running with Rocket example
    • SLIKStitches example has some great modifications including not quilting it (no batting)

Retreat Mega Pinnie Finished

BAM 2020 Retreat Mega Pinnie - finished
BAM 2020 Retreat Mega Pinnie – finished

Despite a lot of ripping, I finished the Mega Pinnie on Sunday in the mid-evening. I thought it would be a quicker project than it turned out to be :(. Now I am going to have to scramble for some content this week.

I am pleased with the way it came out, however, and think someone at the retreat will enjoy it.

When I was printing my last label, I had some extra space, so I decided to print the BAM logo on some fabric and use it for part of the Mega Pinnie. It will also be a souvenir for the Retreat. I adjusted the size of the pocket on that side so the words wouldn’t be covered up.

BAM 2020 Retreat Mega Pinnie - finished
BAM 2020 Retreat Mega Pinnie – finished

I made the handle a little smaller than the pattern called for this time, so I had an extra piece. I decided to sew it in as a way to attach the Mega Pinnie to another bag or a place for clips. I didn’t think about putting a lobster clip on this time. I completely forgot!

I did make a super cute Mini Pinnie! I really like the fabrics and the way the Mini Pinnie came out. I think it is a cheerful addition. I also made the needle safe a little different this time. I sewed it to fabric RST, then turned the piece and top stitched. It worked ok.

BAM 2020 Retreat Mega Pinnie - finished
BAM 2020 Retreat Mega Pinnie – finished

I forgot to top stitch the pockets, but that isn’t critical; it just makes the piece look a little nicer.

This is kind of large, but I think I might try and make one using charm squares. It would be smaller and might not work for some tools, but might be more convenient to transport.

Mega Pinnie Start

I said that I would make a Mega Pinnie for the upcoming Retreat. Since the Retreat starts on Friday, I needed to get busy.

Retreat Mega Pinnie in progress
Retreat Mega Pinnie in progress

I started selecting fabric and cutting out the pieces late on Saturday, after the meeting, then sewed on Sunday. I am pleased with the look. It looks pretty cheerful, which I think we all need.

I used up all of my Beanie Baby pellets, so I need to get more before making anymore gifts than need weight. I don’t think I have any pincushions to make.

International Women’s Day Mega Pinnie

Gerre's Mega Pinnie Gift
Gerre’s Mega Pinnie Gift

A couple of weekends ago, I realized it was a friend’s birthday today, so I needed to get busy and make a gift. I had decided to make another Mega Pinnie. I already had the fabrics and the pattern picked out. It was really just a matter of cutting and sewing.

She doesn’t celebrate her birthday anymore; she celebrates International Women’s Day.

Gerre's Mega Pinnie Gift - other side
Gerre’s Mega Pinnie Gift – other side

These are really fun to make. I really enjoyed making this one. It came together really easily (not too much unsewing). I chose some of the fabrics to go with the Dia de las Muertos fabric. I wanted to have an edgy urban look.

Gerre's Mega Pinnie Gift - detail
Gerre’s Mega Pinnie Gift – detail

I also did some things a little different. I quilted part of the main panels with decorative stitch. I thought about stitching the decorative stitch all the way down the panel, which I used to attach the pockets. I decided not to use the decorative stitch all the way down, so I switched to a straight stitch on the pockets.

I am pleased with the way this one came out. I might make another one for one of the raffle baskets.

Gift Post #11: Mom’s Mega Pinnie

Mom's Mega Pinnie
Mom’s Mega Pinnie

I can’t believe I forgot to post about this! I didn’t even take any photos, which is very strange. I had to have Mom bring it back over. I really don’t know what I was thinking. The only explanation is that I was busy, which is boring. I do feel like I am just getting my sea legs under me after a couple of months of frantic sewing.

So, yes, I made a Mega Pinnie for mom as well. On hers and on Julie’s, I added a leash, which is not part of the pattern. On Mom’s this was specifically so she could clip it to the Poolside tote I also made for her.

Mom's Mega Pinnie side 2
Mom’s Mega Pinnie side 2

You might notice that the Mini Pinnie is missing. I did make one for her, but it is in use in her hand quilting project and she forgot to bring it. Oh well.

She has put a few things in the pocket, but I think she is still working out how she will use it. I know it is an odd sort of caddy.

Also, I used the paint tube fabric so the Pinne will match the other things I have made for her from the paint tube fabric. I am stilling liking those gift groupings. 

Julie’s Mega Pinnie Again

Julie's Mega-Pinnie with lobster clip
Julie’s Mega-Pinnie with lobster clip

The other day I talked about the Mega Pinnie I made for Julie. You might remember I also made one for my mom (which apparently I didn’t photograph or post about!)  and for a gift.

She posted about it on her blog and you can see photos of the Mega Pinnie filled up with items. The way she describes it as being “It’s kind of like having a bucket of your most necessary tools, but you don’t have to dig around in the bucket to find certain things” is so great! That is exactly the right way to describe it.

It looks like she will really use it and I am so pleased. The clip has given me another idea of a project to make for her. 🙂

Gift Post #10: Julie’s Mega-Pinnie

Mega- Pinnie for Julie
Mega- Pinnie for Julie

This is the Mega-Pinnie I made for Julie. I am really pleased with the fabrics I used. They were mostly handy, but I did crawl into the ‘attic’ of the fabric closet to make sure I found the most special fabrics to use for her version.

I gave it to her when we went out on New Year’s Eve. I forgot to photocopy tools to put in the pockets, so I had to explain that there were pockets and that always feels awkward to me.

Julie's Mega-Pinnie with lobster clip
Julie’s Mega-Pinnie with lobster clip

It occurred to me when I was explaining that it would be a good caddy if you wanted to carry some stuff to another room and work on a project away from your studio.

I’ll have to make her something to which she can clip the Mega-Pinnie.

I might be done with these Mega-Pinnies for awhile. I have an idea for one more, so we’ll have to see.

Gift Post #1 2019: Swap Mega Pinnie

Mega Pinnie with baby pincushion
Mega Pinnie with baby pincushion

As mentioned, I had to make a swap gift for the Winter Extravaganza Palooza at the guild. In that previous post, I talked about the pattern. Since then I have been contemplating WHY I chose what is, basically, a giant pincushion.

Short answer: I don’t know.

Long answer: it is kind of a strange gift, but it is useful. It reminds me of the cube I made for the YM. It is also different from other things I have seen. The pockets can hold scissors and seam rippers, etc. I photocopied a variety of tools and put them in the pockets to show how the pockets can be used.

Mega Pinnie with needle felt
Mega Pinnie with needle felt

The baby pincushion (Mini Pinnie) can be removed from the Mega Pinnie and used away from its giant mom. There is also a piece of felt designed to hold needles.

The top has a handle, which can be used to hold the full Mega Pinnie.

As I usually do, I filled the piece with some Beanie Baby pellets as well as stuffing. I didn’t use wool roving on this one; I used poly-fil because I needed so much of it. I hope I put enough of the Beanie Baby pellets in the square to keep it anchored. I know I could have put more in it.

I still want to make more of these!

Raffle Mega Pinnie

Raffle Mega Pinnie
Raffle Mega Pinnie

I made another Mega Pinnie and decided to use it as a raffle prize sometime down the road.

I started it as a gift for a friend, but it didn’t turn out to be suitable. I think someone who attends a guild meeting will like it. I still might use the mini Pinnie for my friend and make a new one for this one.

For the raffle, I can also put the tools into the pockets.

Trolling around the web, I saw a post by the designer who showed a number of different versions of the Mega Pinnie. She taught a class and the examples were from those students. Take a look. The post has a lot of fun photos showing different ways to use the Mega Pinnie.

Mega Pinnie

I saw the Mega Pinnie pattern in an older issue (issue 6, 2016) of Today’s Quilter. It caught my attention, partially, because I have some squares leftover from the Jen Carlton Bailly workshop and they were on my mind. It turns out they are slightly larger than I need for the Pinnie, but worked just fine. I was also looking for something that would be interesting for a swap gift.

I like this magazine as it has practical and interesting articles that teach people something. I have found good projects, like my favorite pincushion, in Today’s Quilter sister publication, Love of Patchwork and Quilting, but this is the first time I have made something from TQ.

This pattern caught my attention as something different, but also useful. I decided to make it as a swap gift. It is essentially a giant pincushion with pockets for other tools. It will work well for someone who wants to keep a few things together at Sew Day.

Mega Pinnie - ready to sew together
Mega Pinnie – ready to sew together

While I am not quite finished, the project doesn’t take very long to make. I am almost done after working on it Sunday in between other projects. One of the sites I found said it took her two hours. I didn’t keep exact track of my hours, but this sounds about right.

Pinnie pockets in progress
Pinnie pockets in progress

In the pattern, the pockets are pieced. They look kind of fun pieced, but I also want to try them not pieced. The project will go faster and will be just as interesting. I also think I can add a placket for WonderClips, as in the pincushion that I have made as gifts.

I found a version of the pattern at the Stitch Gathering website.

I am ridiculously delighted by this concept. I want make a couple more as gifts and I can’t wait to sew this one together!


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