Various & Sundry 2020 #8

Welcome to week 5 million of S-i-P and working from home, playing at home, staring at the same people, staying home. I am joking. We are fine and it could be much worse for us. Thank heaven for sewing!


Flame Spiky 16 Patch #4
Flame Spiky 16 Patch #4

Join the Toledo Art Museum’s COVID-19 Virtual Quilting Bee by submitting a block of your own design. Deadline is June 22! I submitted one of the Spiky 16 Patch blocks.

Other Artists

Friend Julie has a great post about staying positive. She wrote this a month ago and some of you may be able to move around, go places, work with customers at your office or workplace. None of these resources are specifically quilt related, but Julie has one of the best attitudes of anyone I know. Her emails are always upbeat even if I am acting like Dodie Doldrums. I think these resources are worth taking a look at.

Jim Jenkins provides support at GoDaddy, my hosting service. He was helping me the other day and sent me a link to his website. He is a polymer clay artist who works in the Milliefiori style.

Bill Kerr wrote a thought provoking obituary of Christo on the CraftNectar blog. It tells me that art is not as personal as we think, that it is something to bring people together. With Christo’s work, it was easy to see how that would work. What about what I do? How does making a pouch or a quilt bring people together

Supplies, Notions, Fabrics & Tools

Wisecraft now has rulers that can help you determine value.

I recently bought a ColorGirl ruler. I think it is similar to the Quick Curve Ruler. Sharon has a tutorial on squaring up blocks on her site.

One of the shops Amanda and I enjoyed together in Portland, Cool Cottons, now has an online shop. TFQ pointed it out to me the other day, tempting me with Martha Negley’s new line. The shopping experience isn’t as sophisticated as other shops, but they have great fabric. Yes, I bought some. 😉

Thanks to Luana Rubin, I heard about fabric that is $735 per yard! I won’t be buying any soon.

Sandy and Gretchen both talk on their blogs about the Cotton Cuts Puzzle Mystery Quilt. Recently, Sandy posted about the details (where to buy, colors, etc) so I went to take a look. In surfing around the site, I also found that the shop has an Aurifil club. I didn’t join, but am tempted. Last time I joined one such club, I got too much brown. This shop posts a list of color themes and there is no brown.

I have a friend who subscribes to Art Snax. I went to look at their website the other day and I had a hard time not subscribing. I don’t think I would have the time to explore the supplies sent to me. I do like receiving non-bills mail and the Modern Quilter’s Box has given me a taste for subscription boxes. I’ll have to be vigilant as I can see how I could get myself into trouble subscribing to art supplies and makeup and thread and….

I have frequently suggested you purchase the Jinny Beyer Perfect Piecer to help with Y Seams as shown in my LeMoyne Star tutorial. This tool has been on the market for years and it is a useful way to mark where to stop sewing when machine piecing Y seams. Recently Marti Michell has come out with the Deluxe Corner Trimmer**. This tool, while I haven’t seen it in person, seems to do the same thing, though without the holes at the intersections. It might also be a bit easier to find and purchase.

Patterns, Projects & Tutorials

Carolyn Friedlander has a very cute tote called the Nest Egg tote! She made it for carrying sewing supplies, but it can also be used as a purse. I love the woven elastic on one side. She uses it to secure thread to the tote. I could use this idea in other bags.

Articles & Information

North of Verona, Italy, the remains of a villa’s floor were rediscovered. My sister shared this article with me and some of the designs make me want to make quilts from them.

The Smithsonian has posted a video of their quilt collection. Thanks to Frances for sharing.

I have been thinking that fashion brands would start including masks as part of an ensemble. Here is the article in the Wall Street Journal (Check your local public library for access, if you don’t subscribe).

Need some coloring pages? Learn EQ8 and get some pages to color with this tutorial.







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