Black & Red Quilt

Black Rectangles on design wall
Black Rectangles on design wall

This quilt does not yet have a name. Black & Red Quilt doesn’t seem useful or interesting, somehow.

This photo also does not seem interesting. Trust me, the piece looks a lot better on my design wall. Clearly, I need better lighting for photographing monochromatic quilts.

The shifts in fabric/tones & shades are subtle. This is more like a pushed neutral background than anything. There won’t be much of a foreground, however, as my idea is to use the 3,000 yards of bias tape I made in the January Challenge for the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club. My original idea was to applique a small strip to each rectangle at a different angle, then sew the rectangles together. The other night as I was going to sleep, I thought about sewing the bias tape to the quilt as one long piece in large arcs or swirls. I am eager to sew the rectangles together, but the new idea would mean maneuvering the large top around my sewing table rather than the smaller rectangles. I’ll get the red bias tape out and see what I think.

Author: JayeL

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7 thoughts on “Black & Red Quilt”

  1. I love this so much! It would be a good quilt for the foster teen project I lead- we use only donated scraps and make (mostly) monochromatic quilts. Can I ask what dimensions you used for the rectangles? Thank you for sharing!

    1. I recommend finding a ruler which has a good size so you can cut quickly without a lot of measuring. Using such a ruler would help teens be successful as well.

  2. Read back to your post on pushed neutral backgrounds. I did this once (used all b&w text as the background) And really liked the result. But I like that you use as a general idea. Even the results you were less satisfied with in your blog were really interesting. I’m going to use this idea more for certain!

    1. It makes a really interesting background and you can use smaller pieces of fabric. I like the look of one whole, consistent background, but if I need added interest, this is a great technique.

    2. I think the concept makes a much more interesting background. I have never been a fan of neutrals that include brown, so I am pretty much limited to clear greys, white or black, if I want a neutral. Still, the way I use it, as you noticed, has more to do with value than neutrals. If I find a bunch of blues with similar value, the quilt is much more interesting. I did this with the Frolic quilt as well for some of the blues and the violet.

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