Mini Dresden

Mini Dresden Plate
Mini Dresden Plate

We will be doing Dresden Plates in class next week (we are off for Thanksgiving, which gives me more time to prep), so I made a mini Dresden Plate. It is a little different from the tutorial I created before. Mostly it is different because I made the ends of the petals pointy rather than round. I might make a short tutorial talking about making pointy petals. We’ll see.

This Dresden Plate is a little larger than 7 inches in diameter. Petals were relatively easy to make. I sort of used the tutorial on the V& Co website, but really I just looked at the sizes and they type of wedge then did my own thing. It could have gone very wrong, but I got lucky. I am going to use this as an applique on a Sew Together Bag I am making.

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2 thoughts on “Mini Dresden”

  1. I love Dresden Plates. I need to remember to find my felt and make a mini-mini one to put on my older machine spool posts to protect the machine. I think it will be prettier than just the plain red felt circles.
    I’ve made both pointed and rounded plates in the past. They both have their challenges, don’t they?
    I don’t know why I’ve never thought to use a smaller one as an embellishment for a bag though. Maybe I have and just forgot? hahahaha
    Thanks for sharing!

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