Foundation Piecing Star

Paper Piecing in Progress
Paper Piecing in Progress

My class is doing foundation paper piecing.

I am not a fan of foundation paper piecing, but I do see it as an essential skill, so we are working on it.

In the past, I have taught this class using the New York Beauty block, which I love. I decided to change so that the block would focus primarily on the piecing rather than curves as well as foundation paper piecing.

The image above is one that I just can’t believe. I can’t believe such a weird looking compilation of fabric shapes can end up looking like the block below.

Cactus Compass block
Cactus Compass block

I used a pattern from Wombat Quilts (a really good site, if you haven’t been there) called Cactus Compass block. Even I made the block! Despite all the swearing and ripping, it came out pretty well.

Yes, there are a few fabric problems. I didn’t notice them until I was finished with the block and stood back to look at it. I don’t know how it happened, but such is the result of foundation paper piecing.

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4 thoughts on “Foundation Piecing Star”

    1. There are a number of nice patterns on the site. I would color the areas on the actual pattern with crayolas in order to keep the colors straight. The pattern can be confusing.

  1. I actually like the fabric placement “problems”, it makes a nice variation and isn’t super noticeable. That’s a nice pattern too, thanks for the link. Yes to colored pencil on the pattern, that’s the only way I can keep track when paper piecing. It’s such an inside-out and backwards process.

    1. I like your perspective and have come to that conclusion myself. I didn’t think I needed to color, because each piece had a code for the color printed on it. I was wrong; it wasn’t enough information.

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