Product Review: 28mm Rotary Cutter

Use 28mm rotary cutter
Use 28mm rotary cutter

One of the things that Latifah wanted us to use in class was a 28mm rotary cutter. This is used for the inset Clammy cuts, especially on the 8 inch Clammy, which are used to cut the arcs.

Of course, I have the Olfa version of the 28mm cutter**, but it has never been a favorite tool. since I took the Jen Carlson Bailly class, I have wanted to try the Clover 28mm rotary cutter. The handle is much more shaped than the Olfa version I have**. I see that Olfa has newer 28mm model with a much more shaped handle**.

I thought the class was a good opportunity to try a new cutter since I would be cutting a lot with the 28mm. The handle of the one I have isn’t comfortable so I shy away from it as much as possible. The new cutter came midway through class so I was able to try it out a little during class and a lot after class. I love the Clover 28mm cutter!**

Current rotary cutters of choice
Current rotary cutters of choice

The handle fits really well into my hand. It doesn’t have an automatic closing mechanism like my favorite 45mm rotary cutter**, but the closing mechanism is very easy and convenient to use. I am sure having a new, sharp blade didn’t hurt the experience either.

Clover has a 45mm rotary cutter** and I am tempted, but I like the curved shape of the Olfa 45mm. I’ll stick to what I have for now.

Big thumbs up to the Clover 28mm cutter**. Try it if you are in the market for a new 28mm cutter.










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  1. I’m glad the Clover worked for you. I don’t really care for that little straight handle on the Olfa 28mm either. I also really don’t like the safety release, it’s too fiddly for me. I’m going to get myself a Martelli 28mm and I’ll let you know how it is.

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