Closer to the End

View from the Door
View from the Door

I know the whole project seems never-ending. Guess how it feels from here? It is getting better.

The painting is done. I have some furniture in the room, but am still waiting on the bookcases.

We (meaning DH) pulled up the carpet and the floor is in pretty good condition. We didn’t take the time to redo it, though I did clean it with Murphy’s Wood Oil soap. We really didn’t have the time to do a full scale floor update.

View from the windows
View from the windows

I am starting to put things back in the green bookcase, not that you can see that in the photo (left). I am forcing DH to go through his books before I reshelve them. I am not putting books back on the shelf that should be donated. He doesn’t have to give any of them away, I made that clear, but if he is going to read them, I have other uses for the shelves.

New power
New power

My sewing machine is going against the wall that used to have my new design wall, as mentioned. That is one of two walls with an outlet. I wanted to minimize the number of extension cords required as I kept tripping over them. The last thing I need is another broken foot or torn ligament. I took the opportunity of all of the furniture and stuff being out of the room to have the electrician expand the available to outlets to ‘fours’ from ‘twos’. One reason I had 200 extension cords in use was that there were a total of 4 outlets in the entire room. That was nowhere near enough. While 8 is better, it is still not enough, but an upgrade nonetheless.  We have outlets on only two walls and if we want outlets on all the walls, we have to rip out more of the walls than we want to and that is too big of a job for us now. The outlet covers are nice and fresh. You can see the difference between the phone jack and the new outlet.

New door handles
New door handles

Finally, I got new door handles as well. I don’t know that they are my dream door handles, but they are fresh and clean. I am really happy with them.

This weekend: bookcases, I hope.  The YM is coming for a flying visit and it would probably be nice if he could actually get into his room.

DH is talking about painting our bedroom now.


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4 thoughts on “Closer to the End”

  1. I did not realize you could put a four plug receptacle into a two plug area! What a GAME CHANGER this might be in my home!
    So glad your hubster is working on this for you and open to go through the books. Mine is not at the point of parring down his stuff. He can’t stand to toss anything and I respect him enough to not push it while he’s not ready. Someday though! hahaha
    I envy your wood floors. The imperfections will add character and you will not freak out when dropping something or making a scratch mark on a newly refinished floor. All in all, great progress!!!

    1. Thanks! I am happy about this. My DH wasn’t ready to go through his stuff for years. This is the first time. I have made it clear that he should just look, that he is not required to get rid of anything. He has been a champ at getting rid of a lot of books. We have also had a year to trip over all of our stuff. Also, the YM has made it clear that he doesn’t want any of our stuff. While I think some of that attitude will change, I don’t expect it to completely change.

      Excellent point about the floor! Thanks for reading!

  2. The four plug outlets are really helpful in cutting down the number of cords to trip on! Just be sure you check the amps in your electrical panel for that area to make sure you don’t overwhelm the circuit. We just got an offer on a home accepted by the seller (may the Lord bless him – there were offers above ours & one that was a LOT higher). I’m excitedly awaiting moving day, which is the end of this month. Murphy’s Oil Soap is wonderful for moping floors, especially wood floors — the older products really do stand the test of time!

    1. Excellent point. We had our electrician do the work, so I am sure he checked the amps. Good luck on your offer and may it have a HUGE sewing room for you!

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