La Pass Assembly Success

First La Pass 'heart'
First La Pass ‘heart’

I was finally able to assemble part of the first La Passacaglia rosette.

These pieces make up the outer circle of the rosette. Some clever person showed how she had assembled the outer circle into ‘hearts’ and ‘cones’. I haven’t done a cone yet, but I think this method will work very well.

It is taking me a long time. Once I get time to sew I can make progress. I just don’t have a lot of time to hand sew right now. I am, however, applauding every little bit of progress. I plan to take this to Sew Day and work on it there. I really want to keep up and I have enough projects cut out at the moment.

Author: JayeL

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  1. This is looking so good! I’m excited to follow your progress on this project. It’s amazing all the tricks and techniques out there that people have come up with.

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