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La Pas BOM month 1 shipment
La Pas BOM month 1 shipment

As mentioned, I joined the La Passacaglia BOM through Pink Door Fabrics. The other day I received my first month’s shipment. This is an 18 month project, so I’ll be getting a lot of these. This one was special because everyone in the group was so excited to start.

Yes, I am in a group of about 500 people who are doing the BOM. There is a private FB group where we talk about our journey. In the group there was a lot of hype up to the first shipment.

La Pas BOM month 1 shipment open
La Pas BOM month 1 shipment open

I wasn’t in the first wave of recipients. I got mine probably in the middle group. I have a month to finish the rosette, so I wasn’t worried. I was excited when I got the package. I immediately ripped it open and checked everything out.

La Pass is a daunting project and this group as well as the monthly shipments helps break it down into bite-sized pieces. It also gives me a project on which I can work when my workroom is in disarray.

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  1. You like challenges, don’t you? hahaha I JUST saw that panda print today in our local quilt shop. I resisted buying some though. My daughter loves pandas. I am glad I can watch you progress through this project!

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