Various & Sundry 2021 #10

Events, Articles, Exhibitions and Shows

Bonnie Hunter reminded me that the Quilters Take a Moment virtual event is coming up on September 17-18.

Quilters Take a Moment is a virtual fundraising event for the nonprofit Quilt Alliance, featuring captivating speakers, deep-dive interviews, joyful conversations, a quilt exhibition and moments of community for quilt lovers everywhere. Tickets are now available. Because the event is online you can watch live or watch the recorded content any time, anywhere! And because it is a virtual event – you can participate from anywhere in the world, from the comfort of your own home, wearing whatever you want to wear.  We live in the world of Zoom, etc now, so we all know this, right?

Lots of interesting artists, speakers & presenters. I was interested to see that there were a number of researchers and historians on the agenda.


If you want to learn how the best way to thread a hand sewing needle, watch the EPP n.2 video with Tula Pink. Check at about minute 13.5 or 14.

If you want to learn how to glue baste fabric to EPP papers, watch Tula’s first EPP video, about halfway through.

Tula talks about pattern-first quilting and fabric-first quilting in a recent video. She also talks about making colorwash type quilts (similar to my Fabric of the Year quilts).

I am sort of Tula obsessed right at the moment. I blame Lindsay, though I have to admit that she helped open my eyes to the genius of Tula. I still am not a huge fan of the animals, but I admire her work ethic, her creativity and her willingness to share her process. I love process and hearing about other people’s process for creativity. I found an old interview with her from a UK Quilt Shop. In that interview, she talks about a book called Quilts from the House of Tula Pink**. I want to take a look at it.

Needlework pocket-book 1781, RCIN 45126
Needlework pocket-book 1781, RCIN 45126

A needlework pocket book was mentioned in a recent Barbara Brackman post. I was able to find it in the collection of the Royal Collection. [Warning: librarian speak coming] I was disappointed that the metadata wasn’t better and I wasn’t able to find it using Mary Delany or ‘sewing’ as search terms. I am interested in this as I ma making some Sew Together Bags and the items are related because they are both designed carrying tools and supplies around. I wish the Royal Collection had a picture of the pocketbook open so I could see how it was laid out. Also, I wonder what some of the items are used for. A spoon? What about that twisty hook tool (bottom right)? Eventually I’ll look them up, but for now I will wonder.

The Wall Street Journal, periodically, attempts to talk about crafts in an intelligent way. They don’t seem to be able to find someone who actually does the crafts and come up with interesting, if somewhat stilted articles. This time it was about crochet. (You may need to login or use your library)

Other Artists

Friend Julie put up her cornucopia post at the end of July. It is so interesting to see what different sites and links she finds, then chooses to share. One interesting link was for Seamwork – a kind of how-to-sew network. I hope they can make it work.

Projects, Classes, Patterns & Tutorials

We all need a plush whale, don’t we?

Need some chickens? These are appealing to me, probably, because of the polka dot fabrics. Make them into pincushions and give them as gifts.

Books, Fabrics, Notions & Supplies

I am obsesssing, as I have said, about Tula Pink right now. I don’t have an embroidery machine, but I wanted to see her machine embroidery options. I finally found a link, which was not quite as easy as I thought it should be.

I am trying not to buy more bag making supplies, but in case YOU need some, check out Gold Star. they have a wide variety of different things. It looks less ‘curated’ than some of the quilt shops. they have some industrial type machines to install grommets and such in case you are churning out bags for sale. They have a variety of lobster clips in different shapes and finishes.

I have the Tula Pink Butterfly Pattern. I saw the video she produced about her updated version of the quilt and it got me interested in making it. I saw a quilt store that has fabrics packs – a kind of subscription – for that quilt. I don’t think I want to buy it. I have a lot of fabric and I want to use it. Anyone planning to make the Butterfly Quilt?









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