Closing in on Rosette #1

I took Friday off work, mostly because I was tired and just needed an extra day. I thought I would tack an extra day on to Labor Day, which would allow me to get stuff done around the house and sew quite a bit. Also, I really need to take some boxes to the donation place. I have a big pile from clearing out my workroom. DH contributed to the pile. He was encouraged to clear off his piles as well.

I have made some good progress on La Passacaglia as you have no doubt seen. I really want to keep up with this project. I think getting behind would put this squarely on my UFO list. I am a little behind as Rosette #2 has been sent out. I am waiting for it. I have until Tuesday to finish this Rosette.

Rosette #1 center
Rosette #1 center

Thursday night, after work, I sewed the center together. I had been working on the hearts and cones as I thought that would be the most bang for my buck. Still, not having the center completed started to bother me. I decided that would be my after work goal.

It isn’t perfect, but I am pleased with the way it came out. In the overall scheme of La Passacaglia, the slight imperfections won’t show. It was my first time fussy cutting to create a new look (new fabric design) in the manner Paula Nadelstern works. It felt like a huge achievement to finish the center.

Rosette #1 - almost finished
Rosette #1 – almost finished

Once the center was done, I laid out what I had sewed and looked at it.

In the photo you can see the hearts and cones in the outer part of the rosette are not yet sewn together. I also have 4 more cones and 3 more hearts to make before I can sew the whole piece together.