Progress on La Pass M2

I was out of town for a few days for some Political Wifery. DH had to give a big check to St. John’s Hospital. They are doing fabulous things for kids with cranifacial anomalies. As usual, if you want to donate fill out the form and  send it in. Know that the Board does not get reimbursed for their efforts AT ALL. We paid for the whole trip ourselves so all of the money can go to the kids.

End of PSA.

La Pass - started M2
La Pass – started M2

When I was not driving or at some event smiling, I was working on La Pass. I got some done.

Month 2 consists of sewing another ring around Rosette #1.

The pieces on the left are sewn to the Rosette #1. The pieces on the top are sewn into chunks, but not yet sewn to Rosette #1.

I am substituting one of the Tula fabrics for the coneflowers. The Tula fabric I am not using is the cats from Curiouser and Curiouser. I don’t want animals looking at me. I know Tula is famous for her animals, but I prefer no obvious novelty fabrics. I am using a bit of the ‘Drink Me’ in the diamonds of Month 2, so I am very inconsistent.

I had hoped to get more done, but I did most of the driving and I haven’t figured out how to drive and sew. I tried to get DH to sew while I drove, but he refused. Someday maybe…. LOL!

Progress is progress!