UCAB Front Exterior Again

UCAB Exterior Front
UCAB Exterior Front

I wasn’t happy with the handles on my Ultimate Carry All Bag so I redid the outside. I haven’t completely finished, but I am well on my way.

I love the Brocade Peony fabric, but I did not love the handles and the front zipper.

For this version, I used some dot fabric that was actually 108″ backing fabric that I bought when I went shopping with Friend Julie at Bay Quilts.

This fabric turned out to be rather delicate. The holes are visible where I had to rip some stitching out and the fabric gets runs in it easily.

I also excluded the front zipper. I want the ironing pad to be in the front rather than in the back because of the zipper. I still had to do that weird cutting thing because the handles don’t go all the way up to the top, but there will be no zipper to interfere with ironing.

The other thing I did was to trim the pink handle fabric with some Renaissance Ribbons. I am pretty pleased with how that came out.

I intend to finish this bag soon, so stay tuned. I also intend to finish the Brocade Peony version. I Just don’t know what I will do with it. Maybe a giveaway? Maybe part of the raffle prizes the guild gives away every month?