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I mentioned some time ago that I needed a travel bag change. In making the UCAB for myself,  the goal was that it  would work as the new bag. After the fiasco at Sew Day, I knew I needed to get my travel supplies in order. I removed everything I had put in my sewing machine travel bag and replaced it in the UCAB.

Sadly, this isn’t a great bag for what I need. It is a good bag for a lot of stuff, but not for my travel needs. Sigh.

What I need: the bag to be taller so my scissors and HST rulers can stand up. I should have paid more attention to the slots in the elastic in the front, because my rotary cutters don’t fit in them. Also, I am afraid that if I lay my rotary cutters in the bag, they will cut the fabric of the bag.  I think more mesh pockets would have been better, because I can see what I have in them. Also, my pink Tupperware supply box, which I have decided I can’t get rid of, doesn’t fit in this bag.

I can make bags for the scissors and rotary cutters, then clip them to the d-rings, but I don’t think that will solve all of my travel problems. I saw a video Tula posted the other day about what she uses for her travel/ sewing elsewhere bags. She uses some ByAnnie patterns. I am sure I have some Sew Sweetness patterns that would work the same way. I do have the Running with Scissors pattern and could make it again.

I don’t know what to think, but I am disappointed. Not that I made the UCAB, but that it isn’t a 1:1 replacement.

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