APfE v.2 Nearing the Finish Line

After not working on this bag much on Saturday, I decided to do as much as I could on Sunday. I was quick to remind myself that there were too many steps and I couldn’t possibly finish.

A Place for Everything Bag almost finished
A Place for Everything Bag almost finished

I was right, mostly.

I was not able to finish the bag, but I made really good progress and the bag is almost done. I have to finish the binding.

The product came out pretty well. ByAnnie patterns do come out pretty well, though I wouldn’t suggest this bag for someone who hasn’t made a lot of bags. There are videos, but Annie skips over some of the parts she considers to be basic or easy. Of course, those were the ones I had the most trouble navigating.

A Place for Everything Bag - detail
A Place for Everything Bag – detail

I know the picture above looks weird because of the binding, but I am really pleased with how the bag looks, e.g. the fabrics that I chose. I am also pretty happy with the webbing, though I did have to make up some parts of using it as I went along.

I love this hardware, especially, as I said, the triangle piece. I don’t think I really need the carry strap, but I wanted to make it. I can always use it for a different bag.

I am tempted to make a Take a Stand Bag that matches this one. I have to make one as gift, so I might as well make two, right? I need to finish some other projects before I do that.

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2 thoughts on “APfE v.2 Nearing the Finish Line”

  1. Love your fabrics—it’ll be a gorgeous bag when you’ve done that binding. When I made my couple of ByAnnie bags, it was the binding that made me curse the worst, LOL. I do love her patterns, though, and I’ve made good use of the bags?

    1. Yes, I agree about the binding. Doing it by hand makes mine look better. I can never get them to look as good as she does. I have made a few of her bags and have given them all away. My mom loves the one I made for her and I plan to make her a companion bag. Maybe I’ll start it this weekend?

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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