2022 Blue Journal Cover #1

2022 Blue Journal Cover #1 (front)
2022 Blue Journal Cover #1 (front)

Saturday turned out to be a kind of topsy turvy day. Once I finally got to the machine, I wasn’t really up for working on the A Place for Everything Bag. I felt defeated by it and wanted to just finish something.

I needed some new journal covers  and they are relatively easy to make. I found some already ‘made fabric’ in my blue scrap bin and stitched up a couple of journal covers.

It is pretty easy to make these when the fabric is already sewn together, so this one when together really fast. The hard part was dealing with the flannel, which I have been using for the other side instead of regular fabric. I was running out of the yard I have had for awhile and had to piece bits together. After these two I will need to go back to interfacing a regular piece of fabric. Why buy more flannel when I have plenty of fabric?

2022 Blue Journal Cover #1 (back)
2022 Blue Journal Cover #1 (back)

I probably should have used the made fabric for another blue donation quilt. I’m not really worried, though. There are always more scraps.

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    1. Instead of batting and backing, I have been using flannel. This means that the cover is thinner, so it doesn’t take as much shelf space and it is just thinner in general. Somehow the ones with batting felt too thick.

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