Gift #3: Large Retreat Bag Finished

Large Retreat Pouch - Carrots
Large Retreat Pouch – Carrots

I gave Julie this Large Retreat Pouch for her birthday the other day. This is the bag I made over Halloween weekend, but couldn’t show you since she reads this blog.

The Retreat Bag is a free pattern from Emmaline Bags. It requires a frame and the frame is not free, but also not very expensive. The frame allows it to open all the way, providing easy access to the contents.

Large Retreat pouch -aerial view
Large Retreat pouch -aerial view

I realized around that time that I needed to get busy and start making any gifts that I wanted to make for the holidays. That weekend, this was one of two Large Retreat Pouches that I made. As I mentioned then, it was the first time I had made the large version of this pouch. I added a leash to this one, because I thought it would make the bag more useful.

Large Retreat pouch open -aerial view
Large Retreat pouch open -aerial view

This is a pretty large bag. It would be great for a few balls of yarn and knitting needles as well as some EPP. I think it could also be used for a sponge bag or makeup kit.

The lining actually fits pretty snugly though it looks baggy in the photo.

I used some of my favorite purple fabrics since this was going to one of my favorite people.

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  1. Wheee, I win with this one, it’s a beautifully made bag and a super useful size. I love that you added the handle. The structure with the internal frame is wonderful, it’s so great to have it stay opened up.

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