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My birthday was last week. Since I am a grownup now, I usually organize something fun to do. DH isn’t good at that, though he made a stellar effort this year.

January 2022 Modern Handmade purchases
January 2022 Modern Handmade purchases

First Friend Julie and I went to Modern Handmade. It is a shop in Scott’s Valley and they have a small, but nice selection of fabric. We went there because the taco place nearby is really good, I had some gift certificates for Christmas and Julie always drives down the hill to meet me. I got a nice selection of fabric. I wanted to get more bag hardware and notions, but they didn’t have much of those. Julie bought a nice selection as well. She has more ideas about how to use her fabrics than I do at the moment.

One thing I am kind of excited about is the Quilter’s Select Ruler. I have been wanting to try one and having a large gift certificate was a great opportunity. My old 12.5 x 12/5 ruler annoyed me the last time I used it. That size was one of the few that Modern Handmade had, so I chose one. The price is pretty high as I mentioned last time I saw the Quilter’s Select products. Of course, I am excited about the fabric.

I am planning to make some pouches with the ruler fabric, probably for the door prize bags.

January 2022 Gifts from Julie
January 2022 Gifts from Julie

After we ate tacos, Julie gave me the gifts she assembled for me. One was a Hold-Tite Folio (bottom right in photo), tutorial (and GREAT idea) from Lillyella Stitchery. I talked about it before, albeit briefly, and even bought the pieces of steel LillyElla sells to make a couple. I haven’t made them yet, but Friend Julie did and she made one for me! Hers is great, but mine is better! I love the cover, which I will post about soon. I think I can use more than one, so I’ll probably make at least one for myself.

Also, we are going to do a special project with those Pantone postcards. I can’t wait to start, but we need to work out the details.

She also got me some cool metallic zippers from Sew Hungry Hippie. I want to make something with them right away. I have the color scheme I used for the inside of Gerre’s Retreat Bag on my mind for at least one of them. Not sure what kind of pouch, however.

 January 2022 Golden State Quilting purchases
January 2022 Golden State Quilting purchases

I wanted to get home before rush hour started (it isn’t quite as horrible as before the pandemic, but people aren’t really taking public transport, so I try to be mindful), so I left Scott’s Valley at about 3. I decided to stop at Golden State Quilting on my way home. They have recently moved to a new, larger location.

I really like that blue dot and want to make some thing with it soon. I am not sure what. Another bag?

Patchwork Quilted Bags by Reiko Washizawa
Patchwork Quilted Bags by Reiko Washizawa

One of the reasons I stopped was to get some Shark’s Teeth fabric (bottom left, above photo). I received a copy of Patchwork Quilted Bags** by Reiko Washizawa. I want to make that bag on the front with Shark’s Teeth on the sides and the Brocade Peony fabric in the middle. I wont’ be appliqueing anything to the bag. I just like the shape of it. I need to finish the A Place for Everything v.2 bag first.

DH offered to take me out to dinner at a local restaurant. One whole side overlooks the ocean so we were able to watch the waves we ate. This was our second time at that restaurant and I enjoyed it.

I received calls and texts from various friends. I talked to my Dad for awhile, but mostly about his health. I had a really nice couple of days.










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  1. Can’t wait to hear if that Quilter’s Select ruler works better than the alternatives. I love that Shark Teeth fabric so much, it will make a brilliant bag as you described. I’m glad you had a good birthday and that you got dinner out too.

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