Spectrum and Interlocking Triangles Quilt

A long time ago, I made a quilt called Spiky Stars, which won one of the few quilt show awards I have won. I made it after taking a class from Doreen Speckman where I made the first Interlocking Triangles quilt. Ever since I finished Spiky Stars I have wanted to make another version using this technique. I have played around in EQ since v.4 with various designs, but never quite making one that works for me.

Spectrum by Windham
Spectrum by Windham

Recently, at Hawthorne Supply Company, I saw the Spectrum FQ pack by Windham. I decided that it was time to make another IT quilt and this was the impetus.

Since I ordered this FQ pack, I have been busily working on designs. I have made at least 15 different blocks, set them into a quilt design and decided that I need another small tweak. I made some good progress on Friday night and may have found my design. We’ll see.

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    1. Yes, I did. They aren’t as bright as I thought they were (darn online shopping!), but I am going to make them work. I removed most of the browns and beiges. I am looking forward to our Pantone project.

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