Finished: Gelato

Gelato finished
Gelato finished

After months of not sewing down the binding, Gelato is finally done. Catching up with La Pass really propelled my quiltmaking forward. I was able to finish a bunch of projects that need a bit of hand sewing and I got to work on the Half Hexie Star project.

I got this quilt back in the middle of last year, then I got a job and the giant puzzle and La Pass and my schedule went to hell in a handbasket. I enjoy stitching down the binding. It is very satisfying.

Gelato finished (back)
Gelato finished (back)

Now it is finished. Hooray! DH held it up for me so I could take some photographs. Writing about it here really makes it done in my mind.

I originally made this quilt for my niece, thus the Chrysanthemum back. I think I will give it to a friend who has recently had his leg amputated below the knee. He had an accident about 10 years ago. After multiple surgeries and infections, he decided (and is at peace with) on this course. He will appreciate the front and the thought, I think and won’t mind the flowers. We’ll see.


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  1. At first Gelato looked too simple. Then I realized it looked like there was light shining on it. Then realized it was not a reflection but the play on fabric! How clever!

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