Gift Post #6: Skeleton Hackney

Skeleton Hackney closed
Skeleton Hackney closed

As briefly mentioned when I posted about the Minikins Season Three patterns from Sew Sweetness, I made a Hackney pouch as gift for the YM’s girlfriend/partner. She works as part of a forensics team and loves skeletons. This Timeless Treasures fabric is perfect for gifts for her and I still have quite a bit.

I made her a Sidewinder pouch a couple of years ago, but that had no skeleton fabric. I used a bit of skeleton fabric for the pincushion in the Leaf Sew Together Bag I made for her last year.

Skeleton Hackney open
Skeleton Hackney open

This turned out to be all skeletons all the time, though not the lining. I can’t get away from light colored linings.

I think the center looks super cheerful and people using it can see their stuff.

This was my first try at the Hackney pattern, but I like it as a bag. These are quite large (I made the large size), so not really a pouch, but a small bag. I really want to know if it fits a Switch**. I’d like to see a photo of the large Hackney with a Switch inside it.

I plan to make a few more for more gifts, but also one for myself. I need to think of what to put inside before I make one and have it hanging around.











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