La Pass Month 16 Done

La Pass: M16 Rosette #1
La Pass: M16 Rosette #1

I finally finished Month 16! This is the second to last month (remember? Pink Door had to switch around M17 and M16 because of fabric shipping issues?)

This month consisted of 3.5-4 rosettes. I finished this piece a few weeks ago. You saw it already, I know, but I wanted all the pieces from the whole month together.

The other two rosettes, which are connected took me much longer. I am not sure why. I worked steadily on them even through the holidays, but still, they took forever.

La Pass: Month 16 Rosettes #2 & 3
La Pass: Month 16 Rosettes #2 & 3

I don’t think the challenge was the design or the number of pieces. The changes I made to the design might have contributed. Maybe I was just slow or there were a lot of  pieces or I had to rip out a lot. Who knows. I still enjoyed the work and can’t wait to get back to the next month, M18.

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